About Us

Sanskruti Silk is a one stop shop for saree lovers. Taking into account the richness and beauty of the 6 yard wonder from different parts of India, we at ‘Sankruti Silk’ continually strive to further enhance and spread its glory by providing customers with authentic and quality garment.
Apart from our beloved Paithani, our collection includes prominent traditional and beautiful sarees from different parts of India, including, Banarasi, Chanderi, Lakhanavi to name a few.

We understand the happiness of buying a beautiful saree at a reasonable price. We at ‘Sanskruti Silk’ not only provide that happiness, but also enhance it by delivering it in a beautifully handcrafted box, which compliments to the look and feel of the saree.
The beauty and quality of sarees from ‘Sanskruti Silk’ speaks for itself.

Yeola Paithani

Maharashtra’s traditional and much loved silk saree, Paithani, is available at ‘Sanskruti Silk’.

Paithanis available at ’Sanskruti Silk’ are entirely weaved on traditional handloom and from very reliable weavers which guarantees it’s authenticity. Paithanis are weaved using 100% pure silk.

Apart from traditional colors, other colors are also now used in silk part of the Paithani. There are numerous combinations of color, butti and pallu designs available. The Paithani saree is a reflection of the glorious history of the state of Maharashtra, preserved for over 2000 years. The process of creating these starts with degumming the silk threads to make them soft. These are then dyed and detangled by hand using sticks of shisham wood and winding them on a bamboo charki. The threads are then fixed to the handlooms to weave the saree and embellish it with hand drawn and woven zari motifs.